When your kid hates their body


Episode #119 When your kid hates their body


Question of the Day:

I get a lot of questions from moms about what to say when kids make negative comments about their body or start showing signs of disordered eating. These are not my area of expertise so today I brought in an expert.

Kyira Wackett is a licensed mental health therapist, facilitator and creator. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband, Jordan and her daughter, Everly. She is the owner of Adversity Rising a company that works to equip and empower people with the skills and tools to live life on purpose. She also sees patients in a private therapy practice where she treats people with eating disorders, anxiety disorders and trauma.

Kyria’s website is: www.adversityrising.com

Kyria started a project called the #ReclaimBeauty project several years ago and highly recommend parents use this with middle school and older kids. In the project, I interview people and share their stories alongside their photos to help tell a deeper story about who they are and their experience with beauty ideals.  The focus of the video is to start a conversation for MS and HS students on this idea of beauty and ideals around this.



Listen to today’s podcast to find out how to support a body positive and food neutral household.


We’ll discuss supporting a kid with body image distress and disordered eating. 


If you want to teach your kid to love their body, this episode is for you! 



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