You love your kids
You love being a mom
Why aren't you happier?

You love your kids. You love being a mom.

But you are too TIRED to enjoy parenting them.

You want a break but you don't know how to take one.

You think, "I should just be grateful for what I have."

You blame yourself for not being happier:

"What's wrong with me? Other people have it way worse. Why can't I appreciate what I have?"

Now you feel GUILTY and TIRED.

You think the answer is to get more done. You make a to-do list. You try to exercise more and be more productive.

You work 15 hours a day but there are still dishes in the sink, laundry to fold, and the kids are still complaining.

You are doing your best but you still feel like a failure.

Which makes you even more tired and guilty.

Burnout mom
Burnout mom

The Supermom Trap​

My Supermom clients don’t think they are super. 

They just try really, really hard to be a great mom, and then blame themselves for not doing everything perfectly. 

There is a REASON why moms become depleted and exhausted.

Instead of shaming yourself with “I should feel grateful, happier, more energized, etc.” You need to LISTEN to the fatigue! 

That fatigue is your higher self, trying to get your attention so you can make choices that are better for you. 

Your higher self is always trying to steer you onto the right path for YOU.​

Just like you can get burned out at a job, you can get burned out on mothering.

The never ending to-do list, never enough time for yourself, constant repeating and negotiating and constant cleaning up after other people, this monotonous life of a mother gets old.

But what do you do?

You can’t just walk away.


learn to understand what your higher self is trying to tell you!

whether you call it your inner wisdom, higher self, or intuition, everyone has guidance but not everyone knows how to listen to it.

I’m Torie Henderson and I was stuck in the Supermom Trap for many years. 

I was a teacher and parent educator! It didn’t make sense to me that parenting could drain and exhaust me so much. 

Once I learned how to listen to my inner wisdom and follow the clues it was giving me, my life got exponentially better!

 I made it my mission to help other moms feel better and start enjoying this special time of their lives.

The greatest gift you can give your kids is a happy and fulfilled MOM. 


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