Leading Your Teen

Helping moms find peace in their hormonal homes.

What if you never had to worry about your teen again?

With the Leading Your Teen life coaching program, there’s no need for stress, worrying or arguing.

You’ll get the support you need to worry less and enjoy more, in just six weeks.

You’ve invested a lot into your kids. Watching them struggle and living with rude, unhappy kids is so hard! You just want them to be kind, happy and well balanced.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have confidence that they are going to be healthy and successful members of society? 

Can you imagine how great it would be if you could trust your parenting instincts and relax more?  

If you are tired of worrying and want to truly help your teen succeed, the Leading Your Teen coaching program is for you. 


Should you step in? Should you back off?

This class will help develop your parenting instincts.


This program will help you worry less and love more, so you can enjoy raising these crazy teens. In just six weeks, this program will help you let go of what isn’t working, trust in your higher self, and LEAD by example. 

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A life coaching program for moms who worry about their adolescents

Release worry in order to access your instincts and know the next right step to take.​

Hold a higher vision for your teen so you both can find purpose and meaning in the struggle. ​

Give your teen the gift of a peaceful, confident mom, no matter what challenges come up.​

My Own Struggle with My Teen

I’m Torie Henderson and I know what it’s like to have a struggling teen. 

At age 12, my son was a hot mess. I felt confused, helpless and alone, trying to figure out how to help him. 

I was lucky to have my life coaching tools and community, but I craved support from other moms who had been where I was. 

With everything I learned and every improvement he made, I promised that I would never let another mom go through this alone. 


Right now, you try to be nice and invite your teen to do something fun, and all you get is a “talk to the hand” or a door in the face. 

Imagine if you could feel connected instead of rejected by this dismissal. What if you could trust the relationship you have built with him and could find amusement in his quest for independence? 


You want your teen to have good friends and spend some quality time with peers, but she just wants to be alone in her bedroom. You wonder if you should intervene or back off? 

Imagine if you knew exactly how to help her and felt confident in your parenting decisions. What if you KNEW you were doing the right thing for her? 


You are concerned about the amount of time your child spends glued to a screen but struggle to set boundaries that stick. 

Imagine that you felt conviction in your values and could enforce house rules easily and without argument. 

It is possible!

What Leading Your Teen Will Give You



$ 999 ONLY
  • 6 week class with a 90 minute group coaching call per week.
  • 1 Free Individual Power Coaching Call (a $190. value!)
  • Group forum to post “homework”, get support, accountability and coaching.
  • A supportive, judgment-free environment to help you empathize and let go.
  • Understanding of how your “Instinctual Intelligence” communicates with you.
  • Self-Coaching Guide to keep your parenting in line with your values.
  • The Connection Scale to improve your level of enmeshment/disconnection.
  • Video Class: “How to Negotiate with Teens”


$ 1150 ONLY
  • One 50 minute individual coaching call every week for 6 weeks catering to your specific situation.
  • Ongoing email support to practice skills in between calls.
  • Powerful Insights and Tools to learn to LOVE MORE and CARE LESS.
  • Understanding of how your “Instinctual Intelligence” communicates with you.
  • Self – Coaching Guide to keep your parenting in line with your values.
  • The Connection Scale to improve your level of enmeshment/disconnection.
  • Video Class: “How to Negotiate with Teens.”



Leading Your Teen topics: 



Let go of worry, fear and guilt by understanding the difference between productive and unproductive worry. Stop “futurizing and catastrophizing” so we can deal with what’s really going on right now. We’ll work on taking back your Supermom power, figure out what you really want, and set intentional goals. Let’s get you and your kid on the same team.


Class 2 – Emotional Mastery 

If a healthy emotional life is the key to success, then my teen is screwed! Why are they so emotionally volatile? Is there anything we can do or say that is actually helpful? Emotions are contagious. Let’s make sure we are “infecting” our family with positive ones, not just “catching” negative ones.

This class helps you create an emotionally intelligent teen and teaches you to use mirror neurons for your benefit. Learn how Mama can STILL be happy, even when nobody else is, and why that’s the best gift you can give your teen!


Class 3 – Instinctual Intelligence 

How do I know when to trust my child and when to intervene? How can I have confidence in my parenting decisions? Should I do more or less to help her? This class will help you follow essence instead of culture. We cannot shelter our child from crappy people or bad experiences, but we can teach our teen to listen to their own instincts by first learning to listen to our own. 


Class 4 – Parenting with Calm CONFIDENT ENERGY

This class will help you connect with your leadership energy and where you might not be aligned with your parenting values. You’ll practice setting clear, consistent boundaries from love and self-confidence. We’ll learn how and why to diffuse power struggles and how to engage your teen’s cooperation.


Class 5 –  Letting Go 

This important class will help you separate your identity from your child’s and focus on taking pride in yourself. As your child feels you releasing need, dependency, and control, he or she will be free to be his or her best self. As you learn to love more and care less, you start creating a future that is even better than your present.


Class 6 – Creating a Positive Future Vision 

It’s so easy to see our teens struggle and imagine a dismal future. This class will focus on creating a future vision you and your teen can be inspired by. We’ll create a positive vision for YOUR future, separate from your role as a mom, so that it’s easier to feel successful and let go attachment to your teen.

Helping Moms

It has been a privilege to help hundreds of moms feel calm, confident, and in control, even while navigating through major adolescent challenges. 

Life isn’t meant to be perfect. We know this intellectually, but when it’s our own child having a hard time, it feels like an emergency.

Together, we clear out the mental clutter so you can LOVE your TEEN as they are.

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