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Are you tired of the same old arguments every day?

  • "Do your homework"
  • "Clean up after yourself!"
  • "Eat your veggies!"
  • "Get off your phone"
  • "Enough with the video games!

You want your kids to assume more responsibilities so you can stop nagging.


But kids like to feel confident

before they take over. 

Do you ever notice...

- Your child is struggling in a particular class but won't ask the teacher for help. You offer your help or outside tutoring but they won't accept it.

- You ask them to do chores that never get done.

- They are perfectly capable of walking or riding their bike but insist that you drive them? 

- Does your child complain about not having friends who like to have fun, but rarely invites them to do fun things?

- They complain about your cooking but don't make their own lunch, let alone step up and help with dinner?

-Do you have a hard time letting go of responsibilities and watching your kids make mistakes?

-Do you hear yourself say, "But I like driving them, knowing they have healthy food in their lunch, making their bed, etc."  

It's time for the Confident Kid Challenge!

We think, "If they would just do more, I could do less."


In the back of their mind, they know....

-You will do her chores if she ignores them long enough or does them poorly.

-When they forget their paper/lunch/book, you will go get it.

-No matter how much you plead with them to eat their vegetables, there is ice cream in the freezer.

-Why bother feeling uncomfortable talking to the teacher or coach, when mom can send an email?

They want to feel confident before they do things, but confidence comes from trying, failing, making mistakes and persevering. 

We can't give our kids confidence, but we can give them COMPETENCE, which leads to confidence. 

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