How can I get organized when the clutter is so overwhelming?


Ep. 121  Creating Calm: 5-day Declutter Challenge

  This week’s podcast is going to be a little different because the answer to today’s question is being answered all week long.  I’ve teamed up with organizing expert Tracy Hoth of  Simply Square Away, to offer you Creating Calm: a 5-day declutter challenge.   We are going live inside the Supermom is Getting Tired facebook group to help you take control of your home, declutter and organize, so you can feel calmer.    By the time you listen to this, the challenge has already begun so make sure you get over there quickly! We are offering prizes to all who participate in this challenge so say goodbye to that messy closet, and get excited to lift your energy!    Sometimes when moms think about trying to organize, they feel overwhelmed. In preparing for this week, I heard moms say…   There is so much clutter around my house I can’t think straight. I’m embarrassed when people stop by my house. I really want to get organized but I’m too exhausted to make it happen.    I have no time to follow my kids around, making sure they pick up after themselves. I want to just snap my fingers and get it all cleaned up but knowing me, even if the whole house was cleaned, it would be right back where it started 3 days later.    If you are trying to figure out how you can create the calm environment you crave, when you don’t have time or energy to organize, then this challenge is for you.   Our brains don’t like change. They perceive new things as scary. So they always come up with reasons why you should stay exactly as you are. “I don’t have time, money or energy” are very popular ones. Followed by “I would do it if my family would let me or was more supportive.”    Don’t let your brain’s default setting keep you from getting what you really want.    If you have a desire to have a clean and tidy home you can be proud of, a home that calms and energizes you at the same time, then you deserve to have that.    Want to know what causes fatigue?    Clutter. Indecision. Avoiding things. Not taking action on things you genuinely want is a HUGE energy drain!   Think about a phone call you have to make but you keep avoiding it. That difficult conversation you’ve been meaning to have with your family member. Finding a trust attorney to put together your living will. Jumping through the automated hoops with AT&T to finally resolve that discrepancy on your bill.    Can you feel the weight of those phone calls you are dreading? Now imagine having completed them. You’ve been avoiding them for MONTHS but those 3 phone calls only took 45 minutes out of your life! Now you get to feel accomplished and proud…you are full of energy and ready to move on!    It feels AMAZING to tackle things you’ve been avoiding. So the reason you are avoiding cleaning that messy closet, (no time or energy) can be remedied by actually cleaning out the messy closet!    I do not disagree that you are tired and have a lot on your plate. That’s just a fact of modern living that I’m sure is true.    I’m just saying there is a difference between resting and avoiding.   If you are tired, and you rest, you feel better after. You have more energy to go back to work.    If you are tired, and you rest, and you feel MORE drained after, then you are avoiding doing the thing that is actually going to GIVE you energy.    If you decide NOT to participate in the 5 day declutter challenge, and next week you look at your messy kitchen counter and think, “I’m so glad I didn’t participate. That was the right choice for me because I spent my time doing more important and valuable things.” then great, you made the right decision for you.    If, however, next week, you are looking at your cluttered kitchen counter and thinking, “I really should have participated in that challenge. It would have been good for me to tackle this mess I’ve been avoiding.” then it’s not too late!    Hop on over to the Supermom is Getting Tired facebook group and join Tracy and Torie for a boost of energy.   

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