Am I tired because my hormones are out of whack?


Episode #143 – Are My Hormones Out of Whack? Understanding Fatigue with Functional Medicine

When clients get on a coaching call with me, sometimes they start the conversation with “I don’t know if it’s just my hormones but I’ve been super tired and cranky lately.”

If are tired of feeling tired, and aren’t sure if life coaching or health coaching is right for you, today’s podcast is a great place to start.

Today I interview Heidi Toy from

Heidi Toy is a certified functional nutritional therapist (FNTP), certified functional medicine practitioner (CFMP), and owner of Heidi Toy Functional Medicine. After her own health crisis, she left her career as a senior product manager to gain her functional medicine certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2013 and then went on to be mentored and trained by Dr. Dan Kalish at the Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine and Dr. Kharrazian at the Kharrazian Institute. She’s helped over 1600 people heal from their health concerns and find more energy by bringing the body systems into balance.

You can get her free “Take Back My Energy Quick Guide” or learn more about her practice by visiting her website

Heidi and I talk about the root cause of fatigue falling into 3 categories:

  1. Emotional Stress

  2. Dietary Stress

  3. Hidden Pain/Inflammation


Heidi and Torie will answer these questions and more:

Everyone is tired. Why is it something to even address beyond a cup of coffee each morning?

What’s the real reason people are tired all the time?

How do you address the root causes?

How do you actually heal from them?


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