Introduction to the Enneagram for moms


Introduction to the Enneagram for moms


The next 9 episodes are designed to help us become saner, wiser, more compassionate, moms and humans. The enneagram types will reveal patterns about how you interpret the world, and the world around you. You will learn what’s holding you back and get tools and tips to feel better using this ancient personality system called the Enneagram.

The enneagram is a symbol with points, lines and wings. It is a complex system that has been studied from many different perspectives. It is certainly worthy of a deep dive if you are interested but this is a podcast for busy mamas so we aren’t going into the nitty gritty. We’re just going to use the wisdom of the enneagram to fine tune our parenting, understand the confusing people living in our homes, and help us become the best moms we can be. 

By learning about our key motivations and fears, we can block out the noise of what society tells us we SHOULD care about, and prioritize things that are most important to us. 

These enneagram types are formed by a combination of nurture AND nature. Kids come out of the womb with personality and spirit. They are authentically themselves. How we react when life happens to us can cause us to lean more towards one enneagram type or another. 

I suggest you listen to all 9 types and see if someone you know pops into your mind. You might resonate with a little bit of each type, that’s ok because the deeper you go, the more similar we all become. 

I’ve been doing this podcast for the last 4 years and the one word that comes up most frequently (after TIRED) is motivation. “ How do I motivate my teenager? Why can’t I motivate myself, I’ve lost my motivation” If you want to understand the root of motivating yourself and others, the next 9 podcasts are for you.  

The 2nd benefit I hope you’ll take from the next 9 podcasts is compassion. So many moms I talk to are so hard on themselves, beating themselves up for not being “good enough”. My hope is that by understanding your enneagram type, you can cut yourself some slack and go a little easier on yourself. You can look at your friends and family members and not take their challenging personalities so personally. 

We all have integrated and disintegrated aspects to our personalities. When a people pleasing parent is struggling with a rude, opinionated teen, parenting tips can be super specific because it’s just a typical 9, parenting a typical 8. There’s no pressure, nothing has gone wrong and it’s nobody’s fault, but there are things you can do to make life more enjoyable! 

If you are a 2, and your teen is struggling but doesn’t want your help, it can be especially challenging. Understanding your child’s enneagram type can help you give to them in a way they can actually receive, while also helping you evolve your relationship with them. 

If you are still listening to this but are thinking “This is stupid. No one is going to put me in a box and tell me about myself. I cannot be categorized.” Then you are probably an 8 so feel free to wait until that episode comes out so you can just learn about YOU. 

Pura Vida – I am recording these episodes in Costa Rica hoping the Enneagram will provide you with Pura Vida: optimism, no worries, pure and simple living, the essence of life.


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