How Less Stuff Makes Us Happier


How Less Stuff Makes Us Happier

Interview with Krista Lockwood, founder of Motherhood Simplified 

With the frenzie of Black Friday shopping behind us, but more consuming ahead of us, now is the perfect time to hear from Krista Lockwood from Motherhood Simplified. Krista is a mom of 5 who teaches other moms how to de-clutter without becoming a full blown minimalist.

Krista stumbled accidentally into living a life without clutter when she moved from Alaska to Florida with her four children. While living in a nearly empty home, she noticed how much more energy and free time she had, without all the stuff.

Instead of always feeling like she needed to escape her busy working mom life, suddenly she felt relaxed. She felt less stimulated and more able enjoy quality time with her kids. She learned to set clear boundaries with bringing new stuff into her home, which helped her set boundaries in other areas as well. The less STUFF she had, the fewer decisions there were to make. Cleaning up became a breeze.

Krista had more time to spend on quality experiences with herself, her husband and her children. She made it her mission to help other moms discover the benefits that de-cluttering and simplifying can give.

This was an inspiring conversation that I’m sure you will enjoy as much as I did.


Krista’s Supermom Kryptonite: The story you tell yourself about your clutter.

When you make your mess mean something negative about yourself like, “I’m lazy, disorganized, failing, and don’t have my act together”, it prevents you from taking action. Learn to detach from these stories and you will have more energy to make changes.

You aren’t too messy or lazy, you are simply a good mom with too much stuff to manage.


Supermom Power Boost: The night stand.

When you have a clutter filled night stand, it’s like looking at your to-do list before going to sleep at night, the time of day when you want to wind down.

Make sure your side of the bed is relaxing and soothing to set the stage for a great start and end to your day.


You can use this link to join Krista’s Motherhood Simplified Facebook Group – a free decluttering tool kit

krista lockwood
How Less Stuff Makes Us Happier

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