Relief from Money Worries


Episode # 171 – Relief from Money Worries with Liz Carroll

Here, we usually talk about whatever is stressing moms out the most.

So even thought I focus mostly on parenting issues, money is something that effects all of us and is a big source of stress.

Today I am interviewing Liz Carroll from She’s going to talk to us about how to build your own Financial Freedom & Relief Plan.

I love her approach and I know you will, too, because it’s all about reducing fear, overwhelm, guilt and shame. Plus, she specializes in working with women our age!



Liz Carroll is a life-long student and teacher of making mindful money moves. Originally believing she was “bad with money,” Liz did the hard work to rewrite her money story. She needed to drop limiting beliefs about how a woman can earn and manage money to set her up for financial success in a way she would commit to and follow. It worked. Liz attained financial independence and retired early from her corporate IT sales career.

Now, in her encore career, Liz helps other women experience calm confidence with their finances by unpacking and shifting their own money story. She has the unique ability to shed light onto darkness around money, making complex personal finance issues simple. She created the Mindful Money Method, a financial wellness course and coaching program that utilizes a holistic approach to math, mindset and soul-guided desires. Liz is a Certified Financial Coach from Ramsey Solutions, a Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School and a 200-RYT Yoga & Meditation Instructor from Purna Yoga College. She and her husband live on the Oregon Coast. Their adult children visit regularly.


The Mindful Money Method 9 week Class starts July 2nd! (and I’ve got a secret discount code for Supermoms!)

This class is for you if you feel:

Unorganized or Overwhelmed Managing Money

Anxious or Guilty Spending About Money

Trapped or Resentful Earning Money

Lost or Confused on Your Next Money Move

It doesn’t matter if you are $250K in debt or have a $5M net worth. This is course is for you if you are feeling irresponsible, anxious or overwhelmed by money.



Use coupon code MINDFUL 30 to get 30% off!! 

Sign up at


Become a woman that EARNS without shame or resentment, SPENDS without guilt or remorse and INVESTS without anxiety or overwhelm.

Take a deep breath, the Mindful Money Method is like yoga for your money, calm & effective.

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