Thanks for registering for the no nagging masterclass!

I’m excited to show you an incredibly simple system to STOP NAGGING and repeating yourself once and for all, regardless of how stubborn or argumentative your kids are!

This is the exact system I have used to manage classrooms with preschoolers to teenagers. Thousands of moms in my last 13 years of coaching have used them to successfully manage their families without nagging or yelling.

Torie henderson

You’ve got 5 simple steps:

CLients reviews

"I can't believe how well this system works! I'm so glad I set aside time to really learn this."
"This class completely transformed the energy in my home."
"The Listen Lesson was so effective, I've taken it to work. I feel heard by my boss and now we are getting so much more done. I even used it to ask for a raise and GOT IT."

this isn’t like other parenting classes

You are a busy mom with a lot on your plate. Carving out time to learn something new, even if it’s something as life changing as this class, is not easy. This class will give you concrete, practical steps you can implement right away.

After this one hour class,  you will know how to get your kids to listen and obey, anytime you want. I want this to be THE MOST VALUABLE WAY you can imagine investing an hour of time.

This isn’t like other parenting classes you have watched where you feel guilty afterward for not doing everything right and overwhelmed with all you need to change.

The steps I will teach you are not taught anywhere else, so there’s no need to feel bad that you didn’t know them. This class will leave you feeling empowered and confident. You will know exactly what you need to do.

You don’t even need to take notes. Just pop in your airpods while folding laundry, driving, or walking the dog. You can learn these secret skills in one hour.

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