How much Energy do you spend

trying to get your Kids to do things?

Are you tired of constantly nagging and repeating yourself? 

This free masterclass will teach you how to get your kids to listen (and OBEY!), the first time you ask, freeing up your energy for more fun and important things. 

You are a busy, hardworking mom.

You need your kids to step up and take on some responsibility but it all seems to fall on your shoulders. 

“Put down your phone” 

“Finish your homework” 

“Hang up your coat” 

“Turn off the xbox” 

tired mum

The constant nagging, reminding and TRYING to get kids to do things is exhausting. 

“Get dressed”,

“Brush your teeth”

“Go to bed”

These tasks aren’t difficult.

We aren’t asking them to chop firewood or do our taxes. We are asking them to do simple things that are good for them and their future!  

We’ve gotten so used to the push back, arguing, avoiding and resistance that we feel defeated before we even ask. 

We know they are going to freak out when we say “turn off your ipad and come do your homework” so we start bracing ourselves for the inevitable temper tantrum that will ensue. 

When we ask them to clean their clothes off the living room floor, we know they are going to blame their siblings, us, the dog, anyone other than just taking responsibility with a quick, “Ok, sure, mom.” 

We ask them to clear their plate and load the dishwasher and they mumble “sure, mom, as soon as I finish my homework.” Three hours later, you are going to bed with the kitchen full of caked on dishes and your daughter has fallen asleep watching Netflix.


This is an Exhausting Problem!

This constant nagging and TRYING to get kids to do things turns us into people we don’t like. We feel like we have to yell to be heard, and it robs us of the joy of raising our children. 

There is a Solution!

Can you imagine how much more enjoyable your relationship with your kids would be if it didn’t revolve around making them do things?  

Think about how nice your home life would be if your kids obeyed you the first time you asked? 

What would you spend your freed up energy on if you could trust your kids to do what you asked of them without nagging or reminding? 

The Listen Lesson will teach you how to get kids to listen and obey the first time.

Mom and Daughter

Who am I ?

My name is Torie Henderson and I learned “The Listen Lesson” the hard way. 

I was in school studying education and substitute teaching on the side to gain experience. I would start the school day filled with enthusiasm and lesson plans, and be completely flat lined by the end of the day. These kids ran all over me! I couldn’t get them to listen to me at all. The teachers in neighboring rooms had to come over to calm my students down because I had no control. It was embarrassing and exhausting. 

I had to figure this out or I was going to be burned out before my teaching career even got started. I studied, I practiced, I observed teachers do it beautifully, and others do it poorly. 

I discovered easy steps to getting kids to listen. I started practicing on toddlers, teenagers, ADHD students and distracted, disinterested adults. 

The Listen Lesson works. 

Have you tried to fix this problem before? ​


Some parents devise a chore chart or points system. This works great…until it doesn’t. Your kids lose interest, you forget to follow through, and two weeks later you are back where you started.


Every mom knows it’s easier just to do it yourself. You surrender to a life of servitude which creates resentment and an unbalanced relationship where your kids miss out on learning key skills. 


Sometimes it seems like yelling is the only thing that gets your kid’s attention and shows them you mean business. You yell to feel heard, to get them to take action, but you turn into a person you don’t really like. 

Imagine your children managing themselves on a daily basis. They keep tabs on their chores and responsibilities so you don’t have to. How much of your mental energy would this free up? 

Imagine being able to RECEIVE help from your kids without feeling guilty. Imagine living in a house where work is distributed fairly. Think how proud you would be for teaching your kids to take responsibility for themselves and care for others. 

Imagine never needing to yell at your kids again because they respect your calm, leadership energy. You get to feel confident in your parenting, and your kids enjoy hanging out with a fun mom. 

The Listen Lesson

The Listen Lesson is what every parent needs to learn to feel confident and in control, knowing they can get their kid to listen to them whenever they want. 

It should have been taught to us as soon as our toddler discovered the word “no”.  It’s simple to learn and super practical, and yet no body teaches it to the people who need it most, MOMS! 

Once you master this skill, you’ll never need to nag again. 

Now is the time to learn how to get your kids to listen to you once and for all.

Sign up for “The Listen Lesson” and transform your home today.