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Top 5 Ways to Help Your Struggling Teen
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Monday, February 14, 2022
9amPT / 10amMT / 11amCT / 12pmET

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Are you concerned about your adolescent?

Negative attitude, school stress, social anxiety, lazy and unmotivated, it’s easy to get stuck worrying about your teen.

You try to advise them but your words fall on deaf ears.

How are you supposed to stay positive and encouraging when they are so disrespectful and frustrating? 

“I’m worried about my teen. I think he’s really stressed but he takes it out on his family. How am I supposed to feel compassion for him when he’s so rude to me?” 

“My teen doesn’t seem to care about her grades. How can I help motivate my daughter when she is so disengaged? 


“My teen sits at home playing video games all day and doesn’t seem interested in making friends.” 

“My teen is always with her friends and never wants to be home with the family. I hate that the only interactions I have with her are about chores and college applications.”


It’s like we are wired for worry no matter what the situation.

Join my free webinar and learn how to let go of worry so you can be a more effective resource to your teen or pre-teen

FEBRUARY 14, 2022  9amPT / 10amMT / 11amCT / 12pmET

How we TRY to help that doesn't work

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Increase the PEACE in your hormonal home, today!

How to encourage teens to solve their own problems.

Learn when to back off and when to step in with clear boundaries.

Communicate confidence in your child’s ability to overcome adversity.

FREE WEBINAR Monday, February 14th at 9amPT / 10amMT / 11amCT / 12pmET

This webinar is perfect for moms who....

  • Can’t stop worrying about their teen.

  • Get frustrated and annoyed by teen attitude and lack of effort.

  • Want to help your teen but aren’t sure how.

  • Aren’t sure whether to step in with firm boundaries or back off and let them be.

  • Feel like they are aren’t doing a good enough job as mom.

  • Want the ability to increase the peace in your home! 

This webinar is NOT for you if...

  • Aren’t willing to grow and learn how to do things differently.

  • Are dealing with a serious and specific problem (eating disorder, addiction).

  • Think couples counseling or family therapy is a better fit for your situation.

By the end of the webinar, you will know….

Why worrying doesn’t help and what to do instead.

How to create a positive future by letting go of the past.

The ONE THING you can do today to increase the peace in your home. 

FREE WEBINAR Monday, February 14th at 9amPT / 10amMT / 11amCT / 12pmET

Torie Henderson

Teacher and Master Life Coach

I’ve been a life coach for stressed out moms for the last decade but this year was a doozy! So much stress and pressure put on moms! 

It’s time to take your power back and re-set the emotional atmosphere in your home. 

Things will never go “back to normal” but together we can make sure they move forward in a positive direction. 

Helping Moms

It has been a privilege to help hundreds of moms feel calm, confident, and in control, even while navigating through major adolescent challenges. 

Life isn’t meant to be perfect. We know this intellectually, but when it’s our own child having a hard time, it feels like an emergency.

Together, we clear out the mental clutter so you can LOVE your TEEN as they are.

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