Preventing Working Mom Burnout


Preventing Working Mom Burnout

Interview with Dr. Jacqueline Kerr
Episode #127 of the Supermom is Getting Tired Podcast

Preventing Working Mom Burnout

Dr. Jacqueline Kerr is a mom, behavior scientist and burnout survivor. She is in the top 1% of most cited scientists worldwide. Dr Kerr left her position as a public health professor in 2018 and now hosts the podcast ‘Overcoming Working Mom Burnout’ where she interviews researchers, diversity experts, and leadership coaches. She is on a mission to dismantle the causes of working mom burnout and find solutions that we can all use to change the social norms around burnout.

This interview was an especially powerful for me because I met Jacqueline when she was in serious burnout. To see how far she has come to lighten her load, prioritize herself while still being an amazing and involved mom, is so beautiful to watch. I love her multi-tiered approach to systemic change and that she praises the incredible value of hiring a life coach. Such an inspiration to see her confidence bloom, especially in her well researched TEDX Talk.

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Dr Jacqueline Kerr
Preventing Working Mom Burnout

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If you are curious about how life coaching can help you, schedule your free discovery call at

Watch her brilliant TEDx video here

Preventing Working Mom Burnout
Preventing Working Mom Burnout

If you are curious about how life coaching can help you, schedule your free discovery call at

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