Stages of quarantine-mom-burnout


Stages of Quarantine Mom Burnout

Episode #66

  Stage #1 Denial – This won’t last long or This is going to be GREAT!  I’ll clean out the basement, plant a garden, repaint the kid’s rooms, do some yoga videos, it’s going to be GREAT!   Stage #2 Life Simplified – There is some adjustment but overall, it’s been good. The kids are sad, missing friends, but settling into the new routine. There is time for family dinners, game nights, movies. Overall stress level is reduced. For the first time in years, you are getting 8 hours of sleep and have time for puzzles and baking.    Stage #3 – Self Care Where? – You can’t remember the last time you looked in a mirror and it shows. No one knows what day it is. You get through the day on coffee, fruit snacks and mac n cheese. You feel numb. The kids are happy but the self care is lagging and you are starting to turn to your vices: alcohol, food, worrying, scrolling on your phone or obsessing about the number of covid cases.    Stage #4 – Chronically Cranky. The kids zoom calls and google classrooms are a headache. The constant cooking and cleaning up is going to cause you to blow your top. You are snappy and impatient with your kids, making you feel like a bad mom. Your house is impossible to keep clean and you are pretty sure it’s your husband’s fault. You get annoyed easily and yearn to escape the prison of motherhood. You are doing everything right on the outside, but it doesn’t feel good on the inside.    Stage #5 – Supermom Burnout. You go through the motions of your day without feeling fully alive. On the rare occasion someone asks you what you want, you cannot find the answer. You have disconnected from your spirit and don’t know how to feel like you again. You may try self medicating with over-eating or over-drinking or be prone to crying fits, recurring illness or chronic pain. You may struggle to get out bed at all. It’s best to seek help before this stage.  The best time to come to sign up for the Supermom is Getting Tired life coaching program is when you find yourself in stage #3 or #4. Certainly, life coaching is helpful during stage #5 but you may require more intervention and it may take longer to get you where you want to be. This Coronavirus quarantine is the perfect time to go through the Supermom is Getting Tired 12 week coaching program. It will interrupt the negative pattern and get you aligned with your higher self.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you are out of alignment with your own values. When you know you are capable of more, meant for more, and you stay stuck, this self-betrayal feels awful. Nobody wants to be snappy and yell at their kids. Nobody wants to feel like their kids, boss, or messy house has control over them.  We want to feel loving towards our families, not annoyed by them. We want to have a close relationship with our kids as they grow but we can’t unless we have a close relationship with our higher selves. 

When clients go through my coaching program, they connect with their deepest desires. That part of them that believes they are good enough as they are. The Supermom is Getting Tired Coaching program moves you from the constant struggle to “to do more and be better”  to a deep contentment that all is well. If you are ready to let go of the effort and struggle so you can focus on how much you love your family, schedule your free discovery call today. 

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Here’s what to expect from life coaching:

Step One – Relief! You start feeling better right away! 

Moms put so much pressure on themselves, but this pressure is invisible and very familiar, so it’s difficult to remove it without the help of a life coach. During our coaching sessions, we will release fear, anxiety, perfectionism, guilt, or whatever your biggest obstacles are to peace. You’ll still slip back into old patterns but you will stop beating yourself up for it. You start having compassion for yourself, you give yourself permission to make mistakes and be ok with it. You feel like yourself again: present, patient and at peace.    Step Two – Stepping into your power As you regain a sense of peace and control over your life, you’ll notice you aren’t so snappy and reactive with your kids. Your house may look the same, but it doesn’t bother you anymore. You handle parenting issues with calm and confidence, not every time, but you don’t beat yourself up about it. As you bring your attention back to self care, the self-sabotaging behaviors you felt guilty about go away. When you lay your head down at night, you feel satisfied and proud of your accomplishments. This stage is about stepping into your power and recognizing how much ability you actually have to affect change.   Step Three – Excited about your future! You’ve implemented self care and parenting practices that keep you feeling peaceful and joyful. With so much more creative energy, you start to dream about your future. You start thinking about ways to have more fun, pursue your interests, and take on career challenges that you were too tired to think about before. Whether it’s organizing your home, asking for a promotion, taking a writing class or going on family hikes every weekend, your life becomes more aligned with your values and who you want to be. You realize the world is yours to create however you see fit. Life feels friendly, supportive and fun.   If you are feeling fearful, anxious or worried, it is so important to address it and learn the process of releasing these fears. If you are stage #3, #4, and especially #5 now is the PERFECT time to sign up for the Supermom is Getting Tired, 12 week coaching program. It is life changing and will give you the tools you need to improve any area of your life. Now is the perfect time. Are you ready? Go to

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