Stress Eating with Kwavi Abeygaye


Episode #70 Stress Eating under lockdown with Kwavi Agbeyegbe

Question of the Day:

“I AM DOING BOOTCAMP-RUNNING AND HIIT- EXERCISES ON MY TREADMILL-EXERCISING WAY MORE THAN I DID WHEN I WAS TEACHING 1ST GRADE FULL TIME BUT I AM STILL GAINING WEIGHT.  I EAT HEALTHY BUT WHEN I TRY TO FOLLOW WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING TO LOSE WEIGHT AND FOCUSING TOOOOOO MUCH ON FOOD, I AM EATING MORE.  Torie asks: When you eat and you aren’t hungry, can you identify the emotion you are trying not to feel?  “ANXIOUS, NERVOUS, I THINK ‘AM I DOING ENOUGH AS A TEACHER?-WAIT I SHOULD BE DOING MORE VIDEOS, TEACHING ONLINE, ETC.” ARE MY OWN KIDS DOING THEIR WORK? I NEED TO CHECK IN WITH ELDERLY GRANDPARENTS. UGH I FEEL TOO HEAVY TO WEAR SHORTS. UGH…..STRESS BASICALLY IN A NUTSHELL.”   Here to help me answer today’s question is Kwavi Agbeyegbe:   Kwavi is a Weight Loss Coach and Retreat Creator that helps successful women manage their health, mindset and waistlines so that they can shine and thrive. If you want to dream about traveling to some luxurious places while under quarantine, check out her retreats. The Simply Vibrant Life, is an empowering, educational and fun retreat which has been hosted in Thailand, Morocco and Bali.  At the foundation of her work as a Certified Weight Coach is the belief that there has to be a deep love for oneself, an intimate and positive relationship has to be cultivated.  Kwavi is a wife and mother to 2 teenage boys. She is a blogger with the Huffington Post and Thrive and has been featured on CBS, NBC, Best Self Magazine and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.   On this episode we talk about… Under lockdown, many moms are using foods to reward themselves at the end of a hard day. We can’t go out for a massage or glass of wine with girlfriends so food is the easiest reward to turn to. How do we stop using food to reward ourselves? Instagram – @kwavi_tv Youtube – Facebook –    

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