Launching Girl Leaders Summer Camp

Launching Girl Leaders

“Getting What You Want” Summer Day Camp



The most important decisions of our lives are made between the ages of 14-22. Think about it….during those years you decide where to go to college, what to major in, who to live with, whether to have sex, use a condom, drink and drive, text and drive, use drugs, text your boyfriend that photo, max out your credit card, get a tattoo….you name it, it happens during these years! Yet the frontal lobes (the part of the brain that predicts the consequences of your actions) isn’t fully formed until 25!


Talk till we’re blue in the face (even if they roll their eyes!)? Cross your fingers and hope for the best? Tell them the world is scary and they should be afraid? Keep them away from bad influences (peers, TV, movies, snap chat, cell phones, you tube, advertising)? OR……


Now is the time to give girls the information they need to make good decisions and teach them how to listen to their own inner GPS. This camp will encourage your child to be the expert on themselves and understand their influencers, motivations, and values. “Just be yourself” and “listen to your gut” are confusing for girls this age. But teaching them what their inner wisdom sounds like, when to know if something is right for them, how to manage their mind and make it work to their benefit, these are the tools we all need to make healthy decisions that last a lifetime.


How to get what they want out of life & how to know what it is they really want!  How to tell the truth from a lie. How to tune in to their internal GPS and let it guide them towards a fun and fabulous life specifically designed for by their highest self. Understand values, instincts and intuition and how to use them to make decisions. How to resolve peer conflicts in self-respecting ways and quiet the mean-girl voice in our heads. We’ll learn the difference between good fear and bad fear. How to spot crazy coming down the street, and AVOID it! How to make annoying people fun! How to fail brilliantly and quit successfully. All taught through interactive games, art and fun activities.

Here’s what the girls had to say:

girls leadership camp“This camp is an easy way to find answers to questions you’ve been asking about yourself.”

“I really liked this camp because no one is judging you here.  Everyone is appreciated.”

“I learned the power of myself and my mind.”

“I learned about my essential self and how to stay true to it.”

“I learned what I do is normal.”

“I learned I am important in the world.”

“I was surprised to learn that other girls can help me discover and reach my goals.”

getting what you want girls leadership workshops


Incoming 7th-9th graders:

Monday – Thursday, 11:00am – 3:00pm

Cost is $249. for the four day camp

Two weeks to choose from, dates TBD

July 22 – 25 2019 incoming 7th/8th graders

August 5th – 8th, 2019 incoming 8th/9th graders 

Register today and hold your spot
*Full refund available until June 10th. Transferrable after June 11th.

“Launching Girl Leaders” day camp is located in Northern California, where Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek and Concord all come together. Specific address will be emailed once registration is received.


How to Know What You Want, and How to Get It

Day One – You Are Unique, Just Like Everybody Else.

girls leadership workshop1- Getting to know each other

2- Understanding what’s normal

3- Tuning in to your inner GPS to know what’s right for you.

Day Two – Who Are You Meant To Be?

1 – Painting & creating “vision journals” (no artistic skills req’d)

2 – Using intuition & instincts to steer you in the right direction

3 –  How to tell the truth from a lie

social emotional learning teen tween girlsDay Three – Mind Mastery.

1 – Goal Setting and Success 101

2 – What’s Energy Got to Do With It?

3 –  Taking Control and Making Things Happen.

Day Four – What Gets In the Way?

1 – Mean girls and BFF’s

2 – Helping your friends feel better.girls getting what they want out of life

3 – How to have a peaceful conflict.





“I was worried it was going to be boring and like sit down and learn with no activities.  But I loved all the activities like the lying game and the goal-setting-obstacle-course.  It was really fun and I learned a lot.”

IMG_3689“I was nervous about coming because I didn’t know anybody and I wasn’t sure what we would learn or do, but I loved how accepting Torie was of everybody and how comfortable she made it.  I felt very welcome.”
"Getting What You Want" Summer Camp“I thought I was going to have to open up and share things but Torie shows us how to be leaders in our own life, starting at this camp. I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do.”

getting what you want girls leadership camp