12 week Supermom Reset

Because your kids deserve a peaceful, well-rested mom.

Are you tired of doing all the work?

You work hard all day, taking care of everyone and everything, but still feel like you haven’t accomplished enough. You fall into bed exhausted wondering, “When is it time for ME?” 

Your TIME is NOW! 

Imagine waking up in the morning with excitement and clarity. You move through your day with ease, flowing from one activity to the next, feeling peaceful and proud of yourself. Your interactions with your children are playful and confident. Your kids listen to you because they sense your calm, leadership energy. When you relax at the end of the day you feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, knowing you are being the mom you want to be. 

Sound impossible? It’s not. 



I'm Torie Henderson.

I'm a life coach for burned out, overwhelmed moms.

It didn’t make sense to me. I loved my kids. I loved being a mom. 

I couldn’t understand why other moms seemed to have an easier time than I did. 

I was a teacher. I worked with children my whole life, yet I felt completely overwhelmed and burned out trying to parent my own kids. 

I felt guilty and embarrassed. I had no idea that life coaching was the perfect solution to my problem. 

The 12-week Supermom Reset Life Coaching Program will help you take back control.

The 12-week Supermom Reset is a 3-month coaching intensive specifically designed for hardworking moms to put their super powers to work towards what they really want: balance, fun, peace, accomplishment AND a happy family. 

What the program will cover: 


TWELVE, one-on-one life coaching calls with Torie 

This is not a “Study-at-home” life coaching program that just adds more work to your already exhausting to-do list. This is your personal coaching time to help you reconnect with you, your goals, and your spirit, so you can be the best version of you while parenting your children.


Homework in between calls

Don’t worry, this isn’t reading assignments and studying. The homework in between calls is designed to challenge you to grow your brain in a new direction and overcome obstacles. For busy Supermoms, homework might be things like “sit and do nothing for 5 minutes” or set a timer on your phone and remind yourself “I am free to do what I want.” It’s specifically catered to what you are working towards creating. 


A self coaching guide

You might be excited to make positive changes in your life, but your kids will continue to challenge you. Use these self coaching guides when your kids are driving you nuts, behaving disrespectfully or have an annoying habit you’d like them to break. 


Calm leadership ENERGY video tutorial

Kids are wired to follow a calm, confident leader. Tapping into this energy is the best way to get kids to listen and follow directions. Are you tired of yelling or being ignored? This video class is included in your coaching program. 



Got a question or parenting struggle and don’t want to wait until your call? Just email Torie and she’ll help coach you over email or voxer. 

You want to be relaxed and playful but there's too much to do.

You want to feel accomplished, relaxed and in control but no matter how hard you work, there is always more to do. It drives you crazy that no matter what you do, the kids still complain, your husband tells you to relax, yet nobody is helping you!

The days when you felt in charge of your life, organized and successful seem like a very long time ago.

Deep down you crave a feeling of calm, clarity and peace.You want to feel organized and in control.

You know that when you are at your best, your kids are happier, your life runs smoother, and people don’t get on your nerves as much.

The Supermom Reset coaching program will show you how to have what you really want.

1Take Inventory: What’s working for you? What isn’t? Once we release your biggest burdens, your energy and motivation will skyrocket. 
2Reconnect to the part of you that got lost along the way. Get clarity on what you need to feel like the best version of yourself again. Parenting changes us so we need an update.
3Release the guilt: Do you feel selfish when you prioritize your self care? Free yourself from this mental prison and start having more fun. 
4Solve your biggest parenting challenges:  When we aren’t being the mom we know we can be, it weighs on us. Solve your parenting problems so you can feel proud and confident. 
5Calm and in control: Get clarity on what you want. Learn to sit in the driver’s seat of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to go. 

Here’s what other SuperMoms had to say:

Quotes for testimonials I signed up for life coaching with Torie to help me with parenting, it ended up saving my marriage.”

-Supermom Christine S.

Quotes for testimonials The Supermom is Getting Tired Coaching Program is the best investment you will ever make.”

-Supermom Melanie M.

Quotes for testimonialsThe Leading Your Teen class completely transformed the energy in my home.” -Supermom Mara C.

Helping Moms

It has been a privilege to help hundreds of moms feel calm, confident, and in control.

Before life coaching, these moms worried that their family, jobs and house would suffer if they took time off to focus on themselves. 

After life coaching, these moms have balance and perspective. There will always be work that needs to get done, but they accomplish much more without the mental clutter and self pressure.

Feeling like yourself, playing with your kids, and pursuing your goals with confidence is priceless.

Supermom Reset FAQ

This is individual coaching program with Torie. I only have room for 5 clients at a time because you will have my undivided attention to help you accomplish your goals and be the mom you want to be. 

Yes, there will be “homework” assignments in between calls to help you master the concepts taught in class. You can also email Torie or voxer if any issues come up that you want help with.

The cost of the 12 week coaching program is $2300.

If you need to reschedule, it’s not a problem if you give me 24 hours notice. If it’s a last minute change, I will only charge you if it happens more than once. 

You can choose Zoom or phone call but you’ll need to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and have a pen and paper handy.