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Are you a hardworking mom who gets tired from trying to do everything right? Do you struggle to relax, making parenting a burden instead of a joy? This podcast helps you release the pressure and guilt, while offering practical parenting advice so you can be the mom you want to be.

Recent Episodes

What kind of messages are you sending to your kids?

Are you aware of the parenting energy you are sending? Energy is a tough thing to talk about because it is so hard to see, but the more I coach, teach and parent, the more I see how valuable it is to spend time thinking about. Kids are especially sensitive to the energies people put out. … Read more…

How to win a power struggle

Some kids seem to be born to fight for power. As parents, we look for our child’s “currency”. We need to know if our kids value screen time, dessert, or outings with friends so that we can use it to lure them into good behavior. But what if your child’s currency is power? What if … Read more…

When your child is embarrassed by you….

Or you are embarrassed by them!  Let’s face it, when we were young, our parents were embarrassing. They dressed like dorks, listened to weirdly quiet music, wiped gunk off our cheeks with their saliva and talked and sang way too much. Not us, we are cool Moms. We are fun Moms!  We watch cool TV … Read more…

How to tell if your child is lying to you

I’m deep in research for my upcoming webinar about raising teens (note the date change to Oct. 13th) and am enjoying hearing the stories from parents about the trials and tribulations of living with adolescents. If you haven’t shared your biggest challenge yet, email me here. I thought I’d pass along this fun bit of … Read more…

Could raising teens be good you?

Raising teens fills us with worries, fears and doubts.  I have clients who tell me… “I’m worried my son isn’t social enough, he never wants to go out and do things. “I’m worried my daughter is too social, all she wants is to be with her friends.” ” “I wish my daughter would care more about … Read more…

10 Powerful Questions

5 Questions every morning to give you clarity and intention.
5 Questions every evening to give you satisfaction and gratitude.

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