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Are you a hardworking mom who gets tired from trying to do everything right? Do you struggle to relax, making parenting a burden instead of a joy? This podcast helps you release the pressure and guilt, while offering practical parenting advice so you can be the mom you want to be.

Recent Episodes

What is the purpose of being alive?

What’s the purpose in being alive?  This is the question my husband posed to me when we were discussing what we should do about our son’s school. He was four years old and I had looked into Waldorf school, Montessori school, Sudbury school, a co-op charter school, a back to basics charter school, a regular … Read more…

When worrying about others goes too far

Frog populations all over the planet are in serious decline. In fact, amphibian populations are the most endangered group on the planet. Being dependent on both healthy air AND healthy water to survive, frogs are especially vulnerable in our troubled environment. With habitat destruction and climate change, the future of frogs is dismal. Sometimes I think … Read more…

How to make your dreams come true

I just had a dream come true. A group of amazingly wonderful women gave me their time, money and attention for three days to teach them how to use my Girls Leadership curriculum. This workshop I call Launching Girl Leaders, was held in Austin, Texas a fun city where folks from all over the country … Read more…

What legacy are you leaving?

It’s a Sunday morning and I’m sipping my coffee in a redwood forest listening to the sound of birds with my little dog curled up in my lap. My daughter and her friend are roasting bagels over a campfire as the sun and smoke filter through the trees. I can’t think of a better way … Read more…

How to get kids to cooperate without nagging

Are you constantly repeating yourself?  “Go to bed” “Time for bed” “It’s your bedtime!” “GO TO BED NOW!” “Put away your phone, cell phones off, no phones at the table, gimme your phone.” If you are like most parents, there are a few areas where you keep having the same argument over and over again. … Read more…

Can you tell the difference between worry and intuition?

I used to worry A LOT. I worried about bad things happening to my family, money, health, the planet. I worried about burglaries, car accidents, being late, making mistakes, too much screen time, non-organic foods, you name it, I worried about it. Often, when I was in the middle of obsessing about some future calamity, … Read more…

10 Powerful Questions

5 Questions every morning to give you clarity and intention.
5 Questions every evening to give you satisfaction and gratitude.

This is the best way to get you in the driver’s seat of your life.