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Are you a hardworking mom who gets tired from trying to do everything right? Do you struggle to relax, making parenting a burden instead of a joy? This podcast helps you release the pressure and guilt, while offering practical parenting advice so you can be the mom you want to be.

Recent Episodes

10 texts to send to kids that let them know you have their back

Most parents want their kids to feel supported and protected, like mom & dad have their back, no matter what. However, communicating this idea to kids is not always easy and sometimes can backfire, sending a message we never wanted them to receive. When well-meaning parents text the wrong thing, kids can react with mild annoyance … Read more…

When your kid holds a grudge

Today’s Question: Kid Holding a Grudge Hello! I LOVE and look forward to listening to your podcast! I have three girls: 13, 11, and 9. My 9-year-old is a very bright, confident, gregarious, and tenacious young child. I do think that these are very strong qualities, but wonder if they get in the way of … Read more…

How to get your kids to go to bed on time

Are you doing the Back to School Happy Dance! YEAH!!  woo-hoo! via GIPHY But oh my what a pain it is to get kids to go to bed at night, so they can be on time for school in the morning. Last spring, I wrote a blog about how to get kids out of bed … Read more…

Staying optimistic in a negative world

After spending time at my vision board party last weekend, and the march for human rights this weekend, I am filled with positivity and optimism for the future. But just like anytime you feel really joyful and happy, that little doubt-filled, scary feeling shortly follows. As I was walking the streets with a crowd oozing … Read more…

Tolerating Rambunctious Boys

Tolerating Rambunctious Boys Podcast Episode #135 – Remaining Calm Amongst Chaos Question of the Day: How can I increase my tolerance of my rambunctious boys and remain calm more of the time? I have 3 high energy, loud, boisterous boys who are 3, 9 and 12. I have daily routines, a few clear rules and … Read more…

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