Taming the Holiday Crazies


Taming the Holiday Crazies

Episode #138 – Taming the Holiday Crazies… BEFORE they begin!

Are the feasts and festivities of the holiday season guaranteed to drive you bonkers?
When your to-do list triples this time of year, does your stress level triple along with it?
Don’t let the holiday hassles weigh you down. Listen to this fantastic episode to learn how to tame the holiday crazies, before they begin.
Listen in as recovering “holiday stress monsters” Torie and LeAnn discuss the recipe for overwhelming holidays and how to tame the brain to ENJOY this time of year.
If you expect your feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm and resentment to creep even higher in the next 7 weeks, then this podcast is for you.
Life Coach LeAnn Kovar will talk about a special mini-program she is offering for moms bracing themselves for the winter wackyness.
You can learn more about Holidays On Your Terms at LeAnnKovar.com 

Taming the Holiday Crazies
LeAnn Kovar

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