Do you work hard all day but still feeling like it’s NOT ENOUGH?

Do you rush from activity to activity, feeling frazzled and stressed?
Are you exhausted from too much work with too little appreciation?
Are you always racing the clock?
Does it feel like your to-do list is dragging you through your day?

You need a break!  Some time to yourself.


But you think there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. 

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Time for Yourself


Time anxiety is feeling nervous about the passage of time.


It is one of the biggest problems for modern moms. It’s pervasive, invisible and incredibly stressful, effecting every area of our lives. 

It shows up 3 ways:

Current Time Anxiety

The daily feeling of being rushed. Fear of being late and disappointing someone. Fear of being early and wasting time. We think this panicky feeling makes us responsible, productive and reliable, but it really just causes us to feel stressed and anxious. 


Future Time Anxiety

Worrying about what could happen in the future. These moms struggle to feel contentment in the moment for fear that “the other shoe will drop”. They think, “If I take a day to relax, more work will pile up.” We are so afraid of feeling a negative emotion in the future (regret, sadness, loneliness) that we start practicing it now.


Existential Time Anxiety

The sense of time slipping away and our existence, as we knew it, ending. This can show up as a fear of death but more commonly a fear of losing our looks, our youth, or our kids growing up and moving out. Moms can also fear losing opportunities to get back into the workforce, switching career paths, trying new things, or just a general sense of time running out.

If working harder was the answer, it would have worked by now. 

The problem is that our brains are designed for a different life than modern moms are living, and no one gave your brain the update.

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3 Surprising Secrets to Creating More Time for Yourself