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Are you ready to feel like yourself again?

Supermom is Getting Tired

The Supermom is Getting Tired 12 week coaching program is designed for moms who feel like they’ve lost themselves through the hard work of raising kids.

This personalized coaching program will help you get clarity, energy and control so you can be the mom you know you are capable of being.

You have a lot of responsibilities on your plate!

You would love to be more relaxed and play with your kids but there is too much to do and you are the only one doing it!

From the outside you’ve got your act together, but on the inside, you are struggling.

You have the life you wanted so you can’t understand why you aren’t enjoying it more.

Do you ever hear yourself say....

“I should be grateful for what I have.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Why am I doing all the work?”

“When do I get a break?”

“If everyone would just do what I say, I could feel better.”

Then you, my friend, are a Supermom and this program is for you.

Are you ready?

The Supermom is Getting Tired Coaching Program will get you back to feeling like YOUR BEST SELF in just 12 weeks.

The Supermom is Getting Tired Coaching Program will get you back to feeling like YOUR BEST SELF in just 12 weeks.

Supermoms don’t think they are super. They just try really, really hard to do everything right. Supermoms might look like they have their act together from the outside, but on the inside, they are suffering because of their unconscious commitment to “The 4 P’s”.

  1. PERFECTIONISM – This does not mean your house is spotless! It means you try really, really hard to do everything right. If your child’s teacher says, “Please send a baby picture, $5., a red shirt and a fruit salad”, you will stay up until 2am making this happen. It doesn’t dawn on you that “dropping the ball” is an option. In your mind, there is a right and wrong way to do things and you will sacrifice yourself, rather than “call it in”. 


2. PEOPLE PLEASING – Take a mom with a pre-disposition for people pleasing and surround her with needy, demanding children, and you discovered the formula to a lost, exhausted Supermom. People pleasers think they can’t relax until everyone else is happy so they bend over backwards trying to achieve this. They don’t know how to put their needs before others without feeling guilty. This results in the “exploding doormat syndrome” kind, patient, understanding….then all of a sudden, BOOM! Can’t take it anymore!


3. PRESSURE – Supermoms are GREAT at self pressure! We’ve got our own little drill sergeants inside our heads “shoulding on us all day long”. Constantly aware of all the ways we aren’t measuring up and pointing out all the things we are doing wrong. When we’re doing dishes, we think…”I really should be doing laundry”. When we do laundry we think, “I need to send that work email”. When we’re working, we think we should be baking cookies with the kids, IT NEVER STOPS! Not to mention the constant criticism we feel of doing it right, the compare and despair on social media, we could work our butts off all day and still feel like we didn’t do enough. 


4. PUSHING TO POWER THROUGH – Tired? I don’t have time to be tired. A weekend retreat? Must be nice but my family would never let me. When Supermoms ignore their emotions and signals from their body, it takes a toll. We can do it temporarily. When babies are little, we push past our own fatigue to make sure they survive infancy. But when moms spend years pushing down their emotions, self-denial becomes a habit and resentment builds. We blame others. We find food, alcohol, shopping, anything to continue to avoid ourselves. 

The problem with these 4 P’s is they are invisible. Nobody else can see what’s going on to cause so much exhaustion. If we had cancer, people would come out of the woodwork to help us. They would offer to drive our kids around and cook us meals so we could rest and recuperate. 


When you are a Supermom,  no one knows how lost, overwhelmed and depleted you feel. Even if they did, our inner perfectionists have a real hard time accepting help because we already think we should be able to do it all.

This just makes us feel even more guilty about not being able to manage things ourselves.

It’s time to leave this toxic social programming behind and embrace the essence of who you really are!

The Supermom is Getting Tired coaching program will help you release these invisible poisons and reconnect to the REAL YOU!

Right now, maybe you are thinking....

”Shouldn’t I be able to make these changes on my own?”

Kind of like fish don’t know they are in water, our culture perpetuates the idea that “a good mom, sacrifices herself for her children and that any problems the children have must be the mother’s fault.”

The changes you want to make don’t stick because your culture doesn’t support it and your family has grown accustomed to things being as they are.

If you tried to take off for the day, just to have some “me time”, drive around, listen to an audiobook, pick up delicious food that you didn’t have to cook, your youngest might cling to your legs, begging you stay, your teen would text you a dozen times and your husband would ask “What should I feed them?” and “Where exactly are you going?”

I know that I would STILL feel trapped at home by the demands of motherhood if I hadn’t had a life coach help me.

I would never have been able to be a relaxed and playful mom, let alone start my own coaching practice!

Life coaching allowed me to feel a deep connection to MYSELF as well as my kids and my husband. I love knowing I have the skills to create anything I want in this life and I NEVER would have believed that if it hadn’t been for life coaching.

My Name is Torie Henderson and I am a recovering Supermom.

I couldn’t understand why I was so depleted.

I loved being a mom, I had the life I wanted, but felt drained and exhausted. On the outside I looked like I had my act together, but on the inside I felt like I was losing myself in the daily grind of motherhood.

I felt guilty complaining, let alone getting help to fix this problem, but boy am I glad I did! 

Now my mission is to help other exhausted Supermoms feel alive and energized while raising kids.

I’ve spent the last ten years helping moms who yearn for relaxation but are too overwhelmed with the responsibilities of motherhood to find it.

If you want to ditch the guilt and self pressure and start enjoying this special time of your life, I am the coach to help you do it. 

The Supermom Coaching Program Includes...

  • 3 months of weekly (50 minute) coaching sessions over the phone or zoom. 
  • Access to the Supermom Challenge. A 14-day journal prompt and video designed to reconnect lost moms to what they really want. 
  • A self coaching guide to use whenever your kids are driving you crazy. 
  • Email support in between calls along with book, video and podcast recommendations.

By the end of 3 months you will have accessed a greater sense of clarity and calm than ever before. You will have concrete tools to help you solve any parenting challenge from a peaceful place. This program will help you feel fully alive and in control of your days, your emotions, and your life.