How vision boards help you navigate uncertainty


We are living in some strange and unpredictable times.

It poses questions that are hard to answer:

Will schools go online?

Should I cancel my trip?

Am I going back to the office or working from home again?

How do I celebrate my child’s birthday when her friends are too scared to gather in one room?

Our kids are looking to us for answers but we don’t always have them because we are still relying on the old formula for success: Go to school. Get good grades. Do what you are told. Make friends. Go to college. Find a career.


The world is changing rapidly and instead of leaning on external rules to know how to live, we need to learn to tune into our own inner guidance system.

The tools I teach in my vision board workshop are exactly that.

How to know what is right for YOU. What does your HIGHER SELF want?


The way I teach vision boards is not about listening to the ego that has been watching commercials and shamed into thinking you aren’t already good enough as you are.

Vision boards should be filled with photos that inspire us, make us feel fully alive, filled with possibilities, peace and joy. When people create vision boards from their ego, looking at them brings up feelings of inadequacy. No one needs fuel to believe they aren’t already good enough.


You are invited to an online vision board workshop THIS SATURDAY to learn the skills to navigate uncertainty. 

We will create a mini-vision-board together over Zoom so you can tune into your higher self, get focused on creating a great year, and learn the tools to navigate uncertainty.

Only $49. if you register today!  A recording will be sent to those who register.

Click here to learn more and sign up:

Who: Yourself (and your family if they want to join)

When: Saturday, January 15th 9amPT / 10amMT / 11amCT / 12pmET

Where: Your home! Over Zoom

What to bring: magazines, glue stick, blank paper and scissors.

Why: to get more YOU out of 2022

How: Click this link to sign up,then check your email for the Zoom link. Grab your supplies and login this Saturday at 9am Pacific.


REGISTER FOR THE VISION BOARD WORKSHOP How a vision board helps you navigate uncertainty.

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