Congratulations on Completing Your 12 Week Coaching Package!

You’ve completed the Supermom is Getting Tired coaching program and got a glimpse of what life coaching can do for you. You feel lighter and calmer. You aren’t so quick to react. You feel a deeper connection to yourself and your family. You have more clarity and focus about your future. You think life coaching was one of the best investments you have made!


But then life gets in the way: 

arguments, illness, bad behavior, work stress, monotony, uncertainty, disorganization and mess 


You stop writing in your journal. 

Your self care habits fall away. 

Life is good, but you know it could be better.

You have more to offer. You love your family and really want to be the best version of yourself. 

You want to look back on this time of your life and feel like you made the most of it. 

No more wasting time feeling stressed, grumpy and overwhelmed.

It’s time to take life coaching to the next level so you can feel calm, energized, and capable of handling any situation that comes your way.

There are 3 options for continued support

You decide which is best for you.

You won’t learn how to be the “perfect parent” here or add more to your list of “things I should be doing”.  

Choose the support package that will help you feel calm and in control of your parenting, your relationships and your life.


  1. IT’S SUPER HELPFUL! Life coaching is a journey, and personal growth takes time. Consistent support ensures sustained momentum and allows for deeper exploration and breakthroughs.

  2. IT’S FLEXIBLE! Life is unpredictable and with kids, circumstances can change unexpectedly. The twice-monthly VIP program offers flexibility and adaptability. You have the freedom to adjust your sessions around your families changing schedules. 

  3. IT’S AUTOMATED! You can schedule your calls in advance or text me last minute, but there’s no paperwork or bills to keep track of. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a coach on call whenever you need it. 

  4. LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP SAVES TIME! Building a strong rapport and trust with your life coach is crucial for effective coaching. Over time, your life coach becomes intimately acquainted with your aspirations, strengths, and areas for growth. This long term relationship saves you time and money. 

  5. SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION! The consistent support and accountability provided by the VIP coaching program, help you develop lasting habits, implement meaningful changes, and integrate newfound skills into your daily life. This approach ensures that the transformation you experience during coaching endures beyond the coaching period.

  6. IT SAVES YOU MONEY! At only $300./month, this is the cheapest of the 3 options.



FAQ's about VIP "ON RETAINER" coaching

This program includes two, 50 minute coaching sessions per month, at times convenient to you. It auto renews every month but you can cancel at any time. 

Yes, I tend to give little homework assignments in between calls to help you master your thinking, feel your feelings, and accomplish the goals you want in your life. You will also have access to me over email, Voxer, or What’sApp where you can flex your accomplishments, vent about problems, ask questions or make notes of things you want to cover in our next session. 

The cost of the VIP program is only $300./month, making it the cheapest of the 3 options. 

The bi-monthly sessions don’t carry over to the next month. What I love about the “use it or lose it” monthly VIP program is the one time decision that encourages ongoing self care! The commitment instills a powerful mindset shift encouraging you to prioritize your personal growth, overcome procrastination and build positive momentum. If you have nothing to talk about, no worries, we can always go from good to great. 

If you sign up for on retainer VIP coaching but decide you’d rather move to “as needed” one off, or another 12 week package, it’s not a problem. You can cancel at any time. 

What you'll get...

Tangible ways to feel better and solve your own problems (no advice here!)

A judgment free zone designed to overcome resistance to self compassion (bring on the love!)

Coaching from Torie when problems arise (we all have our blind spots).

The clairty that comes from someone who listens well (because partners don’t always do it right)

A positive environment to escape to when life gets difficult. (because….kids)

Accountability to help you accomplish your goals (let’s get the momentum moving!)

Self coaching tools that really work (and a reminder to use them!)

“I used to struggle with work-life balance, but life coaching with Torie helped me prioritize and set healthy boundaries. Now, I feel more fulfilled in all areas of my life.” – Laura