The right way and wrong way to do a vision board


Episode #142 Is there a RIGHT and WRONG way to do a vision board?

I have been doing vision board workshops for so long that it feels like there is.

My next workshop is coming up on Saturday, January 21st and you are ALL invited to join me on Zoom but it’s especially valuable for those who find themselves:

  • On the precipice of something new. You feel dissatisfied, fed up, annoyed or tired. You yearn for a change but you aren’t sure what it is.
  • You don’t want to be a bystander in your life. You want to intentionally create something new. Maybe it’s a deeper connection with your spirit, a new career, a new home environment, a new relationship with your kids, your body, your husband, anyone.
  • Changes are happening around you that you aren’t happy about. You need a way to navigate through these changes that gives you peace and clarity.

A vision board (DONE RIGHT!)  is your own internal GPS that comes from YOUR higher self, to guide you into your future.



But is there a RIGHT and WRONG way to do a vision board? 

A better way to say it is that there is a RIGHT and a LEFT way to do a vision board.

The LEFT way is to think about your future from your left hemisphere of your brain. The left hemisphere is logical, it remembers the past and plans for the future. It’s very aware of what I SHOULD want to create.

My LEFT brain looks in the mirror and tells me “I’m looking old and should probably invest in some anti-aging skin care routines.”

My LEFT brain is aware of what others are doing and thinks, “I should have a regular fitness routine and stop eating bread and sugar.”

My LEFT brain says “A good mom would have a relationship with her kids and husband that looks like _________.”

If I was to cut out photos from this left brain, I would have a vision board filled with “shoulds”. Imagery that comes from lack, of “I’m not good enough as I am, therefore I will change these things and then I will be better.” The left brain can also create vision boards that represent “things I want that I don’t currently have”. We look at these pictures and we get sad or frustrated at the ABSENCE of them in our lives.

Lack does not put us in an emotional energy state to manifest our desires. It only makes us more aware of what we DON’T already have. When our desires don’t manifest, we feel frustrated or like failures. This energy only pushes us FURTHER from what we want.


Creating a vision board from our RIGHT brain connects us with our higher, more intuitive self. We leave behind the judgmental left brain and spend time with our creative right brain. Using emotions, imagery, and intuition, we connect to our higher self who knows what is right for us.

A life coach cannot tell you what is right or wrong for you and your life. Only your higher self knows. So my job is to connect you to your higher self so you know what you really, really want, and then help you overcome the obstacles that your left brain puts in your path.

We will do all of these things in the workshop.

  1. Get you clear on what you want. What is your higher self guiding you to next?
  2. Identify the obstacles that will get in your way and make a plan to overcome them. get into alignment with your dreams
  3. Create small action steps, aligned with your higher self, to build momentum towards creating your best life.

You can go to to sign up. Price goes up after the 16th of January.

When you create from this intuitive, higher RIGHT brain, things feel effortless. This is where weird coincidences come in that you didn’t expect. Work feels easy, like the road rises up to greet you. You feel like the Universe has your back and you begin to trust that things aren’t happening TO YOU, they are happening FOR YOU.

I hadn’t really experienced the magic of vision boards until we bought our lake house in 2020. Before that I was skeptical but optimistic. The way that all went down with so much ease and coincidence, really blew my mind. I could look back and see how I had taken all the steps to make this dream come true, but not from my conscious thinking brain.

At the end of 2022, when I took my vision board out to review, I was blown away. Usually my vision boards have pictures of cute bathrooms, organized bookshelves, backyard patios (I’m an HGTV girl!). My vision board from this time last year had none of this. Every picture was outside, dwellings were very minimal, just a floor and a hammock with a big view of nature. I was curious about this but I didn’t know what it meant. (My left brain told me I was probably just craving outside time because it was winter).

But in September of this year, my husband and I decided to sell our primary residence so we can travel and work abroad. Packing up the house we raised our kids in is no easy feat. It took me a long time to make the decision. My parents still live in the house I grew up in so it feels like I’m doing something wrong. My daughter is not happy and does not want us to sell. Every time I have a pleasant conversation with a neighbor I get sad about leaving such a wonderful neighborhood.

However, yesterday morning I got up and the first thing I wanted to do was to find garbage. I was EXCITED to THROW STUFF AWAY! I had arranged an extra pickup with the garbage company and they said I could put out 12 bags and I still had room left. To be full of energy at 7:30 am to collect garbage is NOT MY NORMAL. That’s how I know I am aligned with universal energy.

I don’t have to muster up the energy to declutter, I WANT to declutter. I still get overwhelmed with the disorganization and the ridiculously long to-do list, but I take breaks and rest my back, and then I’m excited to get back to it.

Last January, I had no idea this is what I’d be doing in 2022. But my higher self was guiding me towards the great outdoors, towards freedom, and towards a wild new adventure.

Who knows which country or beautiful place I’ll be coaching my clients from? but I’m excited to do my vision board and find out what is calling me in 2023.

So this Saturday, January 21st, join me for this online vision board retreat. Find a cozy place to snuggle in with magazines, scissors, paper and glue. Tell your family you signed up for an online class and you aren’t to be disturbed (or invite your family to join you!). Get the early bird discount by signing up today


I can’t come on the 21st but I’m interested. Will there be a recording?

yes, I will send you the recording link and you can do it with your friends, family, or when it’s convenient for you.


3 hours seems like a long time, what will we do?

It will go fast! There will be bathroom breaks, quiet time, it will feel like a retreat.


What if I’m in a dark place? 

Give it a try. Nothing can raise a vibration like being around other positive people.


What if I know what I want but I can’t have it? 

Go broad. Instead of focusing on specifics, go more general.

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