teaching kids to stay safe webinar

These are scary, uncertain times with a lot of extra pressure being put on moms.

We all need as much support as we can handle.

Please join me this Thursday for a free online class to help tame the worry dragon.


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Free Webinar this Thursday, March 26 at 1:00PT / 2:00MT / 3:00CT / 4:00ET.

(This time I will remember to record the class! ) Along with teaching kids to stay safe without teaching them to be scared, this class will also help you…
  1. Feel relaxed and at peace during these uncertain times.
  2. Understand worry and anxiety and turn it into love.
  3. Teach your family how to make the most of this global event.
Understanding what is happening in the brain helps you take charge of it, and not pass worries onto your kids. Teacher, speaker, life coach for parents  

These are unprecedented times and it’s up to each of us to decide…


Will I use this global pandemic as an opportunity to become the best version of myself? 

Thanks for joining me.

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