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Life Coaching for Parents

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Solve your biggest parenting problem in 30 minutes.

Now is the PERFECT time to invest in the most important area of life, the relationship with your kids. 

With schools and sports cancelled and kids hunkered down at home, they will remember this time for the rest of their lives. Let's make sure they have good memories. 

Don't waste this time feeling stressed, guilty or angry.  Schedule your free life coaching call and see how it can help you solve your biggest parenting problem so you can ENJOY this time with your kids.

  • Create more time and energy for yourself. 
  • Eliminate stress, guilt and anxiety.
  •  Have the relationship with your kids you really want.
  • Stop yelling and parent from your higher brain.
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Here's what Rebekah had to say after her free coaching call:

"Thank you so much for the call on Monday. I have had several a-ha moments while listening to the podcast but none of them have made change happen for me like coaching with you. When you told me that my kids crying doesn’t have to mean anything about me and that just because my daughter cries doesn’t mean that I’m not meeting her needs, that completely blew my mind. I have felt so free since then. I have felt like I am a good mom and confident about that. You have changed my life and my children’s."  Rebekah 

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