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Raising Responsible Kids

Online Workshop

As a busy, hardworking mom, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

The chores, the cooking, the driving, the errands, the homework, they never end. This endless to-do list all falls on your shoulders. So you think….

“My kids are capable of more. It’s time they take on responsibility for managing their own homework, cleaning up after themselves, and pitching in around the house.” So you make a declaration, “Kids, it’s time you took on more responsibility!”

But they don’t rise to the occasion, they complain and avoid you.

So you start nagging and repeating yourself:

  • “Empty the dishwasher”
  • “Hang up your backpack”
  • “Take a shower”
  • “Clear your plate”
  • “Do your homework”

You want to raise responsible kids but the whining, repeating and nagging isn’t worth it. You want them to take responsibility, but it’s more hassle than it’s worth. You want to enjoy being a mom. Not feel like a mean, frustrated nag!

It’s time for the “Raising Responsible Kids” Online Workshop!

Getting your kids to take on responsibilities is easy. You just tell them what to do. Remind them. Give consequences or rewards when they do what you ask. Easy. The TRICK is to do it while still ENJOYING being their mom! To like the person we are being while teaching them how to be responsible.

Do you ever…

  • Create a chore chart but fail to stick with it?
  • Insist you won’t drive them to their friend’s house until their room is clean, but then forget to check to see if they cleaned it?
  • Take away their xbox for the weekend only to give in out of exhaustion.
  • Let them off the hook because you feel bad about how overwhelmed they are with school work?

I’m interested in

Raising Responsible Kids

online workshop

Teaching your kids how to take responsibility with love, kindness, and patience…..that is the TRICKY PART, and that is what you will learn in this workshop.

  • Imagine holding your kids accountable for their chores with love and confidence.
  • Imagine your kids wanting to learn and eagerly taking charge of their lives.
  • Imagine feeling proud of your ability to teach your kids patiently.
  • Imagine your kids feeling competent and confident in their ability to master practical life skills.

That’s what we’ll cover in the

“Raising Responsible Kids” Workshop.

You will come away with….

  • A concrete plan, specifically designed for your children’s ages & abilities.
  • An understanding of what has been getting in your way and how to overcome it if it shows up again.
  • Full confidence that you can execute this plan after the workshop.
  • The ability to apply this knowledge to other areas you would like to delegate.

Kids are wired to follow a calm, confident leader. When we approach parenting with this energy, everything becomes easier.

Moms who feel confident and peaceful about their delegation plan are more likely to….

  • Respond to their kids calmly and clearly, instead of reacting out of frustration.
  • Release the guilt and start believing in your children’s capabilities.
  • Have children who rise to parental expectations.
  • Follow through with ease and allow for flexibility.

This workshop will not make you feel like you are doing it wrong, or that there is more you have to do. This workshop is about releasing the burdens, guilt and frustration so you can access your super powers.

I’m Torie Henderson and I am here to help.

Life Coach for Parents | Torie Henderson

Delegating chores to kids was one area that took me the longest to master. I always felt like everything was my responsibility and I wanted to do a good job!

I didn’t think I was being a perfectionist. I just thought I was supposed to keep a clean home, prepare home cooked meals, volunteer with school, scouts and sports, drive them all around, participate in their extra-curricular activities, financially contribute to the household, oversee their school work, hygiene, nutrition, and encourage their social relationships.

It made sense that I should also be encouraging them to learn new skills. Intellectually, I knew they should take over doing their own laundry, dishes, helping with yard work, pet care, and managing their own school work and grades. But when I delegated, I had to watch them mess up, do a bad job, act helplessness and incapable.

Watching this made me feel like I was failing at motherhood. Not only were my kids incapable but they complained and acted helpless, turning me into an annoying nag that nobody wanted to be around (including me!)

In this workshop, I will teach you the steps I used to move from frustrated, nagging mom with incapable children, to a peaceful, fun loving mom with kids who are impressed by their own capabilities.

This workshop isn’t just about delegating chores, it’s about helping you become the leader in your life, stepping into your power and becoming the mom you want to be.

Sign up Now for “The Raising Responsible Kids” Workshop

Saturday, February 1st at

10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET

Get Ready for a 3 hour Deep Dive. Find your calm, confident authority and create a delegation plan that works.

Hour One

First 30 minutes: We start with figuring out how you came to be the one doing all the work. Then we’ll get clear on what you’d like to delegate and the steps needed to be successful.

20 minutes: Torie coaches you so that your action plan is tailored your specificly to you and your family.

10 minutes: Journal write and bathroom breaks

Hour Two

First 20 minutes: Release the guilt, doubt and frustration. Find your calm, leadership energy that will get things done and learn how to access it whenever you want.

30 minutes: Personalized coaching on your obstacles so you feel confident and in control.

10 minutes: Self coaching in journal and break time.

Hour Three

20 minutes: You’ve got a plan and you are feeling confident, now we anticipate and overcome obstacles ahead of time. How to ensure you don’t fall back into old patterns of frustration and resentment.

30 minutes: Coaching to get you in the right mindset to for watching kids fumble, forget and fail with peace. Learning to trust that your kids will become the responsible adults you want to see.

10 minutes: With your plan ready to roll, we’ll wrap up with ways to stay successful and utilize your village to help keep you accountable.

“Learning to find my calm, confident leadership energy and use it to help me get what I want has been the most helpful skill I’ve ever learned.”

Supermom Chloe W.

Each hour spent overcoming our obstacles and increasing our confidence will save you a hundred hours in nagging and frustration!

This workshop is the secret to finally getting help with all your household to-do’s while raising capable and responsible kids!

Sign up Now for “The Raising Responsible Kids” Workshop

Saturday, February 1st at

10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET